We solve problems with play

And here is our process

1: Distillation Workshop


The Distillation Workshop is all about asking the right questions, defining a bold WHY, and setting a shared direction. Oh, and it's free.

2: Play Jam


The Cape Play Jam is a fun, hyper-productive and intense way of accelerating innovation, tackling challenges and discovering solutions.

3: Bespoke Games


We develop bespoke games for your special purpose. Be it branding, learning or pure entertainment, for the platforms your audience prefer.

Distillation Workshop

Define the big WHY, get a shared sense of direction


Together is better


Together we define the WHY - the key question to explore - and align on the strategic objectives, challenges and limitations.

Overall limitations for the project are decided and a roadmap of immediate next steps are made. The workshop also seek to set clear expectations on effects and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

Based on the findings of the workshop Cape will suggest how to best proceed onto the next phase.

No strings attached

The workshop concludes with delivery of:

  • an overall problem statement
  • a key design question ("How might we...?")
  • a top-level next steps roadmap
  • an initial Play Jam estimate
  • a Play Jam programme outline

This documentation should be enough for taking a final decision on whether or not to proceed to the Play Jam workshop.

The Distillation Workshop is free, and usually takes about 3 hours.  No strings attached.


Play Jam

Skip to the fun part. Kick-start innovation.


Proven fun and productive

The Cape Play Jam is an intense accelerated innovation and design process, focused on finding fun, while answering big WHY's.

Traditionally there is a lot of paperwork involved in new projects. We will spend a lot of time making documents that you will spend a lot of time reading.

It’s a bit like standing OUTSIDE the playground trying to agree on what to do INSIDE the playground.

Let’s not do that. Let’s step into the playground and skip directly to finding the fun. Together.

Staggering Output

Over 3-5 intense days a dedicated Cape design and development team work closely with Client in a chaotic, yet carefully designed, exploratory process, where experiments are made, things are built, broken, rebuilt and - most importantly - fun is found.

The creative output is staggering. Ideas are spawned, challenged, refined, killed and tested. 30 ideas become 10 concepts, that boil down to 3-5 prototypes.

These prototypes are tested on the target audience, and immediate findings are applied. Everything discovered and tried belongs to Client. 

Three days of learning, challenges, high productivity and high performance, that gave us a big and usable yield.
— Maria Valentin Beck, Børns Vilkår
I think it was amazing what the teams came up with.
— Anonymous Play Jam Client*
A big thank you to the team. Awesome days, with awesome results.
— Anonymous Play Jam Client*
I think it was a hit. The teams really got some good insights from the presentations and prototypes.
— Anonymous Play Jam Client*

* We help some clients with strictly confidential early product development work in Play Jams. Given the confidentiality, they remain anonymous.


Bespoke Games

For learning, branding, communication and fun.



We make bespoke games for a variety of clients, audiences and purposes, and have done so for more than a decade.


Although most of our current work live on smartphones and tablets, we are truly platform and technology agnostic. 

Over the years we have made games for virtually any platform available, from web browsers to consoles, from PCs to tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.