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Unsolicited Applications


Please note that we most likely won't respond in-depth to unsolicited applications, and that your application will be archived for future reference. Should we need to hire new staff at a later point, we'll start digging in the archived applications.

Also, please read below before applying...  


Let’s make some games

We’re looking for experienced, very skilled, pleasant and engaged people, who feel like taking ownership and responsibility for the things they do, and who want to help build our next generation of games.

If you like working 12 hours a day, on 200 person teams, then we’re probably not a good match. But if you like doing your best work, with a few good colleagues and lots of influence – and be home with your family at a decent time – then we should probably talk.

We like people that can do many different things, and who like building/coding/painting/filming/writing things, for their own sake.


What We're Looking For

We hire mainly based on skills, personality, attitude and personal referrals. If we don’t “click” we don’t hire. We expect anyone we hire to be self-motivated, structured, insanely skilled, ridiculously creative, tolerant, friendly and fun to be around.

We regularly need skilled:

  • Programmers
  • Artists & Designers
  • Programmer / producer / animator / carpenter / musicians and the likes

Get in Touch

If this sounds intriguing, tell us a little about who you are, what interests you, and what you’re really good at. It doesn’t matter if you’re not looking for a job right now – if you’re super skilled and a great person, we’d like to get to know you anyway. Who knows – maybe we’ll end up doing something together later.

Send an email to and remember to include some information about what you’ve done (cv, linkedin link, portfolio link, etc). If you're an artist you MUST include samples of your art. If you're a game developer, you MUST show examples of your games.

For more about how we work, read about our Goals & Philosophy



We occasionally offer unpaid internships with a minimum duration of 1 month, for students from relevant bachelor programs. We welcome both domestic and foreign students who are able to demonstrate skill and will. Apply for an internship the same way as you would apply for a regular job.

We do not offer elementary school internships.

NB: Vi tilbyder ikke folkeskolepraktik.