Surprise Monster


SURPRISE! Gifts for you! 

Surprise Monster is a fun Peek-a-boo game for kids aged 2 - 4. Look for Surprise Monster over and over in different spots in a cozy, colourful kids room. Every time you find Surprise Monster, he has a great gift for you to unwrap! 

Surprise Monster is a fun little game about hiding and seeking, and, not least, about unwrapping gifts. The central activity in the game is repeated again and again, as a toddler needs repeated confirmation that things stay the same. So much is new and overwhelming - but playing a repeating an activity is reassuring, and helps to learn what to expect. The gifts contain many different toys, that stay in the room. This gives a satisfying, visual sense of accomplishment. And who doesn't love toys?


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Surprise Monster available in [any language]?
A: Yes! Surprise Monster is without words, so it's available in ALL languages!

Q: Is Surprise Monster available for Android?
A: Yes! See the link above.

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy?
A: Yes, please read the Privacy Policy.

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