Leo & Mona Læsesjov (Reading Fun)

Leo & Mona is a couple of curious kids, who love to experiment and learn new things. In this game they play with sounds, letters and words, and it’s both fun and educational.

  • Pull drawings apart and discover the word, letters and sounds behind the picture
  • Figure out what the grown-ups are blabbering about in the Talk Nonsense Game
  • Fly across the night sky and build words
  • Make words from dangling letters in the Dangling Game

Leo & Mona Reading Fun is based on international research in acquisition and development of basic reading and spelling skills. A critical milestone in the early development of reading skills, is to establish a thorough understanding of letter-to-sound-correspondence, and to be able to read and spell simple structure words.

Leo & Mona Reading Fun supports the new reader and speller in many ways:

  • A supplement learning tool for teaching reading and spelling in the classroom
  • A contribution to the necessary training on how to read and spell simple structure words
  • Diverse exercises which in a fun way offer the opportunity for ample repetitions
  • A motivational element in the training it takes to become a confident reader and speller

The game is created by Cape Copenhagen, Karina Bek and Trine Nobelius. The game is financed by Tips- & lottomidlerne and Professionshøjskolen UCC. 

Please note that Leo & Mona Læsesjov is only available in Danish at the moment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Leo & Mona available in [any language but Danish]?
A: Sorry, no, it's not at the moment. It will be at some point.

Q: Is Leo & Mona available for Android?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy?
A: Yes, please read the Privacy Policy for the Leo & Mona app

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