Calculicious is a fun and very silly math game for children and childish math- and candy lovers. You can count candy, calculate how much candy there is and watch silly characters eat candy until they drop with blazing sugar chock.

The game is suitable from kids aged 2.5 years old and up. 

  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 4 kinds of calculation
  • Number practice so kids learn what the numbers look like
  • Lots of fun munchies for the brain
  • Totally harmless on your teeth
  • How many points can you score? 
  • And what does 492 pieces of candy look like? 

The game is available in Danish (Matemaslik), German (Mathemaschleck), Swedish (Matemums) and English (Calculicious). 

All languages offers a free version with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full game, and - if you prefer - a paid version without in-app purchase and the same content. 


'Matemaslik' - the Danish version of Calculicious - was reviewed in Politiken, a major Danish newspaper

'Matemaslik' - the Danish version of Calculicious - was reviewed in Politiken, a major Danish newspaper

A sublime example of how to integrate several styles of learning in one game. (...) it’s brilliant as an elegant, educating and highly pedagogical playful journey into the world of math.
— Thomas Vigild, Politiken
I can assure you it works. I have been testing the app on a school, and it’s a great hit with 2nd to 6th graders.
— Rikke Pal, Berlingske
It awakens the kids’ curiosity with its crude and political incorrect tone. [Calculicious] motivates kids with contemporary humor and an explorative approach. [Calculicious] is simply the most uplifting school app available on the App Store.
— Torben Andersen,


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Calculicious available for Android?
A: Sorry, no, it's not.

Q: Will Calculicious become available for Android?
A: Sorry, no, it won't.

Q: But why? Don't you love Android??
A: Yes, we do! But we built Calculicious in an iOS-only way, because we were young and stupid.

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