DIG IT! A Digger Simulator Launches!

If you dig diggers and digging, then you'll probably dig our most recent release (which is also our first retail release, and our first Steam release), DIG IT! A Digger Simulator.

We're pretty much digging the fact, that this game will finally be available for you to dig.

The game is published by the very friendly people at Rondomedia, who's also behind a large number of other titles in the simulation scene.

More info about the game is available at diggersim.com

You can buy the game on Steam. Go ahead now. Dig it.

Sugary Math Game Calculicious Launches

From the press release:

Danish independent game studio Cape Copenhagen announced today that its “delicious” math game Calculicious is now available in English on iOS. Featuring engaging and educational gameplay, Calculicious teaches children numbers, counting and basic math in a fun and amusing way with sweet rewards that won’t rot their teeth! Calculicious is now available on the iTunes App Store for a special launch price of $0.99 / €0.89 / £0.69.

Offering three levels of difficulty to teach numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to kids, Calculicious tasks players with finding solutions to math problems quickly and then rewards them with hovering clouds of “candy”, that also illustrate the numbers and math operations. Kids that can solve problems with lightning quickness will be rewarded with a blazing sugar shock! Colorful cartoon-like graphics and a playful sense of fun will make your kids laugh and ewwwww! and provides a compelling play experience that is deliciously educational, too!

Calculicious has different difficulty levels so even children as young as 2.5 can enjoy learning to recognize numbers and start building a familiarity with the world of mathematics.

Coming to iOS in English and also out in Danish (Matemaslik), German (Matemaschleck), Swedish (Mattemums), Calculicious promises lots of fun and addictive learning experiences with no cavities, guaranteed!

More info and a nifty trailer at http://cape.net/calculicious

New Offices!


Cape has moved over the weekend, into brand new, rather huge and quite lovely offices. The office is located in Jorcks Passage, dead center in Copenhagen, with a fine overview over the pedestrian street. The last tenant on the address rented the place for close to 100 years. That's a highscore worth aiming for.

We're sharing the space with our friends from Full Control (of Spacehulk fame), and we're looking forward to being company roomies. 

The move also concludes our stay at Spilhuset in Pilestræde. Sharing the building with awesome companies & people like Press Play, Playdead, Knapnok Games, Copenhagen Game Collective, Apex and many more has been an absolute privilege and an honor. We sincerely hope, that the grassroots-created house will continue to thrive in many years to come.  

We'll update with a few photos soonish.

Our new address is:

Cape Copenhagen
Jorcks Passage, opgang A, 2. sal
1162 København K

Fans, Yay!

Sometimes you stumble onto things that make you forget all the uphill struggles and challenges that the game business fling at you. A simple tweet like the one below, is one of those things...

Get the rest of the conversation here: https://twitter.com/AlanZucconi/status/429632255305056256

Wowzer! 343% Growth! Really?! Ermahgerd!

Cape - formerly known as Space Time Foam ApS - on the list with 343% growth...

Cape - formerly known as Space Time Foam ApS - on the list with 343% growth...

Danish paper Berlingske Business ran an article today featuring key figures about the relatively small, yet highly active, Danish game industry.

The article (in Danish) talks about a Danish game industry that as a whole has risen from a deficit of Dkk 72 million in 2010 to a profit of Dkk 62 million in 2012, and the bright prospects of further growth.

Read the full article at: 

Brian Meidell, CEO of Cape, offers this insightful comment on the company's impeccable recipe for growth: 

Wowzer! 343% Growth! Really?! Ermahgerd!
— Brian Meidell, CEO

Lead Developer Wanted (for Actual Programming, Not HR-Work)

We're seeking an experienced lead programmer with a flair for game design, from September/October 2013. 

You'll be working in a team with a few artists and another assisting developer on/off, crafting a PC/Mac retail title in Unity. 

The "Lead" means that you'll be responsible for all the code of the title that you'll be working on, and that you'll be the one that takes it all the way to the finish line. We do not expect you to manage people, but we do expect you to be a team player with an understanding for other fields of work than your own. 

Cape doesn't compete on wages, so you can most likely find a higher pay grade at a bank or something. However, we do offer a quite decent salary, and a cosy crunch-free™ environment, great colleagues, nice surroundings and company paid lunch.  Read more about our approach.

Update: Position closed. No more applications needed.

Space Time Foam Becomes Cape Copenhagen


We are no longer Space Time Foam. We are now Cape Copenhagen.

So, Einstein was right again. Don't bet against Einstein. We did. We called our company Space Time Foam. Now, Einstein was once again proven to be right, and 'space-time foam' is no longer a thing. And with space-time foam no longer being a thing, we have to change our company name.

If foaminess exists at all, we think it must be at a scale far smaller than the Planck length, indicating that other physics might be involved
— Robert Nemiroff, of Michigan Technological University