Sound Design Internship Available


Cape Copenhagen is looking for a sound design intern.

You love all aspects of sound and have some experience designing sounds from the bottom up. You probably also love games, and has an understanding of the special requirements and challenges that game-audio presents.

You are self motivated and even though that sounds like a horrible job-ad cliché, it just means you will have a good deal of freedom and won't be micro-managed into submission.

Experience with one or more of the following tools is a big plus:

  • Unity 
  • Reaper
  • Wwise
  • Fabric

Cape Offers
Cape offers great working conditions in a cosy atmosphere in central Copenhagen, in a positive collaboration with highly skilled colleagues, oozing experience, kindness and respect.

We are working on a daily basis on a wide range of exciting projects for end-users, as well as prototypes at the edge of the possible, for domestic and international clients. Besides this we have a range of wildly different in-house projects in various stages of production.

Read more about Cape at

How to Apply
Send a short and clear application and a CV (in English, please) to 
It is obviously mandatory to include a link to your portfolio or some other convenient way to show us your best previous work