Egmont Publishing Announces Investment in Cape Copenhagen

On September 1st. 2015, Egmont - one of Europe’s leading media companies - announced their investment in Cape Copenhagen, along with the news that Cape will be taking over Egmont’s business of making and selling apps & games for kids, based on established kids IPs.

This deal is a natural extension of Capes existing business, and it will help strengthen Cape in a number of important ways, which will benefit our existing clients as well:

  • We have doubled our number of experienced team leads (with more coming) to ensure committed creative management throughout each project
  • We are tweaking our organisation to give clients closer contact with their productions, to ensure a smooth flow of information and deliveries
  • We are building up in-house Quality Assurance, to ensure that we consistently deliver products of high artistic and technical quality
  • We are building up stronger Live Ops, Deployment and Marketing functions, to round out the services we offer our customers

This will result in stronger and more consistent high quality productions from Cape, along with new skills and higher capacity across our entire company.

We are needless to say, immensely proud of Egmont’s commitment, and we’re looking forward to all new activities the deal will foster.

A press release in Danish is available at Egmont's web site.