New Offices!


Cape has moved over the weekend, into brand new, rather huge and quite lovely offices. The office is located in Jorcks Passage, dead center in Copenhagen, with a fine overview over the pedestrian street. The last tenant on the address rented the place for close to 100 years. That's a highscore worth aiming for.

We're sharing the space with our friends from Full Control (of Spacehulk fame), and we're looking forward to being company roomies. 

The move also concludes our stay at Spilhuset in Pilestræde. Sharing the building with awesome companies & people like Press Play, Playdead, Knapnok Games, Copenhagen Game Collective, Apex and many more has been an absolute privilege and an honor. We sincerely hope, that the grassroots-created house will continue to thrive in many years to come.  

We'll update with a few photos soonish.

Our new address is:

Cape Copenhagen
Jorcks Passage, opgang A, 2. sal
1162 København K