Lead Developer Wanted (for Actual Programming, Not HR-Work)

We're seeking an experienced lead programmer with a flair for game design, from September/October 2013. 

You'll be working in a team with a few artists and another assisting developer on/off, crafting a PC/Mac retail title in Unity. 

The "Lead" means that you'll be responsible for all the code of the title that you'll be working on, and that you'll be the one that takes it all the way to the finish line. We do not expect you to manage people, but we do expect you to be a team player with an understanding for other fields of work than your own. 

Cape doesn't compete on wages, so you can most likely find a higher pay grade at a bank or something. However, we do offer a quite decent salary, and a cosy crunch-free™ environment, great colleagues, nice surroundings and company paid lunch.  Read more about our approach.

Update: Position closed. No more applications needed.