About Cape


We exist to find answers to questions like:

How might we...

... inspire and empower to change (the World)? 
... create transformative experiences?
... use the power of play to do good?



Cape Copenhagen is an experienced game developer and specialists in fun and games, that deliver on strategic goals. We’re sporting a highly experienced and versatile team of approximately 35 people. 

Cape was founded in 2008 and has since then shipped more than 60 games for web, mobile, PC and Mac, in a multitude of genres, for a wide range of audiences, mostly for domestic and international clients.

Cape is privately held by the original founders and (since September 1st. 2015) Egmont Publishing.


Goals & Philosophy

We’re a company made of small, fairly autonomous teams, developing tight, focused, high-quality products for basically any platform.

Our goal is to make a positive difference in the world, with products that inspire change, in a company that makes working a great experience. We make small projects in small, kick-a** teams with great freedom.

We’ve seen companies “go corporate” and deprive people of their souls and take the joy out of making games. We believe that we can crack the code to keep the energized and positive garage feel, while making top-shelf products – all without forcing anyone to work stupid hours on things they don’t care about.

  • No Bulls***
    Founder-owned (mostly), very little corporate bulls***, friendly contract, pretty douchebag-free environment, involvement and responsibility. A salary (decent, not fantastic). Nice colleagues and World-class customers.
  • Hygge (untranslatable)
    “Real” rugs, banjo and bar-globe in the center of Copenhagen, tonnes of LEGO, great lunch, fruit, cake, an arcade machine that may or may not work – and lots of coffee.
  • Family Friendly
    Flexible hours, a normal working day, (rare) overtime is compensated with time off or paid out, child's first sick day is paid. Children and partners are welcome at friday bars. Lots of toys in the office.

Our Offices

Our offices are located in Jorcks Passage, a classic old office and retail store building from 1892. The previous tenant rented the place for nearly 100 years. That's a highscore worth aiming for.

We have a mix of open areas and smaller offices, and an open doors policy.

Jorcks Passage is located dead center in Copenhagen, a 5 minute walk from Nørreport Station, the most used train station in the country. Just around the corner you'll find Strøget (the longest pedestrian street in Europe), the famous Round Tower, the LEGO flagship store and what not.

Call us, and come by for a visit. We have coffee.

Jorcks Passage - Photo courtesy of Jorcks Ejendomsselskab


Here follows a brief recap of the highlights of the company formerly known as Space Time Foam

  • 1999 - 2004
    The company name Space Time Foam had an early life from 1999 to approx. 2004 as Tobias’ personal company. This was the company in which we made the original Chase Ace and Chase Ace 2 games.

  • 2001
    Chase Ace 2 wins an IGF Award for best audio and is reviewed to 85% / 8.5 by IGN & GameSpy. 
  • November 2007
    Chase Ace 2 is re-released as Chase Ace Deluxe with bugfixes, a few new power-ups, animated cutscenes and, well, without the CD-ROM thing.
  • April 2008
    The current incarnation of the company was formally founded as Space Time Foam in April 2008.
  • December 2011
    Five full-time people (three partners and two employees on time-limited contracts).
  • January 2013 
    21 full time people, with more coming. 
  • August 2013
    We changed the company name to Cape Copenhagen. 
  • January 2014
    Approx. 30 full time people.
  • March 2014
    Cape moves into new spacious offices in Jorcks Passage in central Copenhagen.
  • September 2015
    Egmont, one of Scandinavia's largest media companies, invests in Cape Copenhagen. All Egmont's kids' apps and games are moved into Cape.