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Cape Copenhagen is an independent game developer sporting a well rounded expert team of about 30 people. We are working on projects for clients, and a few of our own projects.

Games Consulting

Your games made to measure, developed by a highly experienced team. Strategic advice on how best to reach your audience and deliver your message is a natural part of the process. 

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LEGO DUPLO Zoo. Free from App Store and Google Play.

LEGO DUPLO Zoo. Free from App Store and Google Play.

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We're (Sometimes) Hiring

We’re looking for experienced, very skilled, pleasant and engaged people, who feel like taking ownership and responsibility for the things they do, and who want to help build our next generation of games. 

Our long term goal is to make games that make a positive difference in the world, in a company that makes it a great experience to make games. We want to make small projects in small, kick-ass teams with great freedom.

For more info please read our Jobs page.

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